You have more control over how long your home stays on the market than you think!

We just read a great article on Zillow Porchlight by Brendon Desimone, "Sellers: Give Buyers What They Want." The article gives great insight to sellers/potential sellers about the importance of the following:

1. Having a plan, even a partial plan.

2. Working with a great local agent who will tell you the truth - not just what you want to hear.

3. Shifting the emotional mindset about your home into the business mindset of a seller.

4. Knowing and giving buyers what they want.

If you're thinking of selling your home now or in the future please check out the rest of the article here: ZILLOW ARTICLE

If you'd like to talk more about selling your home, we know a great local agent who loves to talk about real estate! You can also get your home's current value below!